David Larrabee's Collection
By:David Larrabee
Dates:1/1/1900 - 1/1/1980
Album Info:Old Photos covering the MEC's main line between Waterville and Bangor.
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The Squeeze
Title:  The Squeeze
Description:  From an old Cabnet Photo. Clinton, Maine; No date but I place this around 1895. It looks like the soffit on the Clinton Station will need a bit of attention. I hope no one was standing on the platform when this happened. /DL
Photo Date:  1/1/1900  Upload Date: 1/14/2016 9:05:53 PM
Location:  Clinton, ME
Author:  Unknown
Categories:  Station,Wreck
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Railroad Street Crossing
Title:  Railroad Street Crossing
Description:  Well today this is the PanAm single track main line. Eastbound to Northern Maine Jct and Bangor is to the left and Waterville to the right. The crossing tenders shanty is long gone. Ive photographed PAR on several ocassions from the other side of the tracks at this crossing.... The post card was printed in Germany with a Corinna address as its destination. / DL
Photo Date:  8/1/1905  Upload Date: 5/31/2017 8:45:49 PM
Location:  Clinton, ME
Author:  David Larrabee
Categories:  Track
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Track Work
Title:  Track Work
Description:  Hermon Pond Siding c1910. The back of the old cabnet photograph doesn’t give a date but does provide the location. My interest in this scene are the track workers and the amount of ballast being put under the middle track. That is quite a distance to raise the track, it looks like a foot or two. It looks like the camera is situated on track that has just been ballasted. /DL
Photo Date:  8/1/1910  Upload Date: 12/17/2015 11:48:07 PM
Location:  Hermon Pond, ME
Author:  Unknown
Categories:  Track
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Station looking west
Title:  Station looking west
Description:  Maine Central Station at Detroit, Me c1910 from a Picture Post Card. If I’ve matched the lay of the land with my last few trips through Detroit this scene is taken from what today is the Rt220 over pass looking west. The road on the left is still there and is used by PAR for crew change and MOW access to the right of way. It is single track today with a switch just round the bend to an industy on the north (right) side of the main line. In this scene there’s a box car on the team track, & a long low platform with what looks like a set of steps to assist folks on and off coachs. Is that a platform beside the westbound track for handing up train orders?? I suspect it is. /DL
Photo Date:  8/1/1910  Upload Date: 12/17/2015 11:14:49 PM
Location:  Detroit, ME
Author:  Unknown
Categories:  Station,Track
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Station looking east
Title:  Station looking east
Description:  Station at Etna, Maine C1910 from an old Picture Post Card. This is single track today. A geographic search on this archive will bring up recent photographs of PAR freight activity at this location. Today the old MEC granite Mile Post on this tangent says 77 PAR’s notation indexed to Mattawamkeag. When this photograph was taken the MP was P118/V133 for Portland and Vanceboro respectivly. This looks to be an east looking view. Carmel would be the next station with Northern Maine Jct and Bangor beyond. /DL
Photo Date:  8/1/1910  Upload Date: 12/17/2015 11:33:22 PM
Location:  Etna, ME
Author:  Unknown
Categories:  Station,Track
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